Trying out Lemoncello, the new cafe in E.R., and I have my first Abbotts of the season

When I’m bored, I usually do one of two things: eat or spend money. Today I did both.

Since I’m technically not allowed to nap any more, I thought I’d try out the new cafe in town, Lemoncello. When I stopped in last week the man at the counter said they had wifi and that I was welcome to hang out and write.  He said they were trying to attract the students from the local colleges for that same reason.

I’d love to find a little cafe spot in town that could become my writing haunt – every writer needs a writing haunt, a place to go and write, where the owners know you, some place you credit with providing atmosphere in your writing. So I thought I’d go haunt the place today.

It’s a beautiful little cafe that used to be a dry cleaners. There’s a cafe in front, restaurant in back, and they have a really nice patio with umbrella-ed tables. Very nice atmosphere. I figured I’d sit in the cafe and write.

Two problems: there was  no airconditioning in the cafe and it was hot, and there aren’t any outlets to plug in a laptop. One of the servers said I could sit in the restaurant, which did have air, but it was empty of people and it felt a little deserted. So I opted for the patio, read my book, and had a latte.

I’m telling you, this is the cutest place. You forget your in a train town when you’re behind the iron gates and brick walls. I can’t wait to go back with a friend for lunch. But it’s probably not a great writing haunt. For now, I guess I’ll stick to Panera.

After I was done, I still had a craving … for ice cream … a craving I’ve had for days, despite the fact that I finished off a half gallon of Turkey Hill natural coffee ice cream last week. Nothing better to fill that craving on a hot summery day than an Abbotts ice cream. Chocolate with sprinkles. I also bought six flying saucers to put in the fridge. You know, in case of emergency.

So there you go. To keep from taking a nap, I went out and had coffee and ice cream.

And guess what? I’m still going to take a nap!  HAHAHA!


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