There is a chicken mutiny underfoot

Well, Mrs. Beasley may have mellowed out a little but her animosity has infected Aunt Bea and Coco, who have been pecking at me with increasing violence. When I come to the run door, the three of them come barreling at me like I’ve triggered a security alarm and the enforcers are on their way to show me the way out.

Mrs. Wiggins pretty much ignores me, but Lucy actually came over with the mob today and gave me a little peck on my shoes today. (Ethel is still just a sweet little timid girl.)

I’ve tried picking them up, I’ve tried feeding them worms. I’ve talked to them, ignored them, and I just don’t know what to do. I don’t know if they’re mad because I’m taking eggs, or if they’re preparing to be mad when I add the two new birds to the flock.

I haven’t let Aunt Mimi and Rhoda into the coop yet; I did hold them while I walked around in there, and had their crate next to the run for a few days. So the girls know there are two new birds around. But they haven’t had to actually deal with them directly yet.

I’m at my wit’s end. I don’t want cranky hens. They’re no fun and they’re actually not laying as many eggs, either.

OK, chicken experts, any suggestions?
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