The new chickens have names

The new chickens are named! Meet … drumroll, please ….

Aunt Mimi and Rhoda!

Aunt Mimi is named after my Aunt Mary Ellen, also known as Aunt Mimi.  Rhoda is, of course, Mary Richard’s TV sidekick (on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show”). Since my Aunt Mary Ellen is such a fan of the chicks, it’s only fitting to name one after her. Plus, she asked.

Aunt Mimi is the blonde chick, Rhoda is the brunette. So far, they’ve been a bit standoffish. Aunt Mimi takes food from my hands but she also pecks my fingers pretty hard. I think she and Mrs. Beasley might get along swimmingly. Rhoda is afraid of me right now, but she also lets me hold her without much fuss.

I’ve decided to introduce them to the flock slowly. for a few days I’ve had their dog crate next to the run; the next step is to move it into the run, so that they can be in the flock without worry of being pecked to death. They’ll sleep in the coop inside a cat carrier.

Once I think they’ve got a feel for the flock dynamics, and understand the pecking order, I’ll let them roam about but give them a safe place to hide.

Plus, they’re still eating medicated chick feed, so I need to have them eat in a separate place.

So there you go! Aunt Mimi and Rhoda are doing fine!

UPDATE: 5/3/10: I have to confess that I’m not totally settled on the name Rhoda. I’ve got to think about that one some more.

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