Help name the new chickens!

As you know, I added two new chickens to the flock this week – well, almost added. They’re still in the dog crate and I’m slowly introducing them to the girls. Today I dragged the crate to the backyard and left it next to the run all afternoon.

Lucy and Ethel were definitely the most interested; they came right over to the fence and spent quite a bit of time conversing with the new girls. Aunt Bea also came over.

But I need some help naming the new chickens. They’re both cochins; one is a Buff Cochin, the other a Partridge Cochin.

I was thinking of naming the blonde one Camilla and the dark one Eleanor, or maybe Betty and Veronica. But I’m still up in the air.

So what do you think? Any ideas for names?

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3 responses to “Help name the new chickens!

  1. I like Lucy & Ethel

  2. Xena & Gabrial gets my vote:-)

  3. Oh! I like Betty and Veronica! That's a good idea! I also thought Shirley Partridge was funny (so now you know what makes me laugh)

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