Mrs. Beasley gets a reprieve

This weekend it was looking like Mrs. Beasley might be headed for the farm. Her aggressive pecking was getting really annoying, and when she pecked David and made his finger bleed, that pretty much sealed her fate.

But I thought I’d give her one last shot, and turned to Joyce the Chicken Goddess for some advice.

She told me to tuck Mrs. Beasley under my arm, and carry her around while I did my chores, ignoring any flapping and squawking. She explained how to hold her, and also how to talk to her and calm her down. She said that’s how they reign in aggressive roosters and it was worth a shot to see if that would help.

So several times yesterday, I picked Mrs. Beasley up and carried her around. She calmed down in my arms, but as soon as I put her down she’d peck my leg very hard and run like mad in the other direction.

Then this morning, when I went to let the girls out, Mrs. Beasley walked right past me like I wasn’t even there. She didn’t even look at me, let alone peck me.

So it seems Joyce’s taming tactics might be working. Then again, Mrs. Beasley might just be plotting her revenge. But for now, she gets to stay.

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