Instant chicken coop lawn!

I took the dogs for a walk today and as we walked around the small lot at the end of our street, I noticed a giant pile of dirt – and grass. Lots and lots of clods of grass sod.

The house on the corner has been undergoing construction since last fall, when they put on a huge addition, which meant digging huge holes in the yard. The dirt has been sitting there all winter, and the grass must have started to grow in the spring.

As usual, my brain immediately thought, “Gee, I could use some grass,” so I grabbed a few clods and brought them home, thinking that I’d see if the sod would actually grow in our back yard.

I mean, we’ve priced having instant lawn put in; if I could get this stuff for free and even do just a small portion of the yard, I’d be happy.

Then I thought: ooo, I bet the chickens would love grass in their run.

I had errands to run today, one of which was to stop in and get David’s paycheck. I told him my brilliant idea and he gave me his usual smirk – the one that says, “That’s a dumb idea but I won’t say it now. I’ll just wait till it fails and then tell you that I knew it would.” David says I do everything half assed and that’s why it doesn’t work.

So what’s wrong with that? Half assed is sometimes better than not at all. Right?

Anyway, when I got home, I made a few trips to the sod pile, filled some buckets, drove ’em home, and fitted the sod in the coop. I stuck to one area that I know gets a lot of sun.

The girls seem thrilled to have the grass; they’ve been walking all over it. Of course, they’re also scratching it up in places. But I really don’t care. The little experiment cost nothing, I got an hour of work in the dirt, the chickens are having the time of their lives. If they pull it all up today and tomorrow we’re back to dirt, then we all had some fun in the dirt and sun.

Of course, it didn’t occur to me until after I was all done that maybe the grass had fertilizer or chemicals on it. Ooops. I guess if the chickens turn up dead we’ll know!

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