Vote for Scout and Bandit for Dogs of the Week

Scout and Bandit are in the running for  Dogs of the Week at the A Dog’s Purpose website.

The site promotes the new book “A Dog’s Life” by Bruce Cameron (of “8 Simple Rules” fame). I met Bruce at the Erma Bombeck Writing Conference a few years ago; I call him a writing friend. I’m sure he refers to me at that cuckoo from the conference.

In any event, I love Bruce’s writing – he’s very, very funny – and since he’s writing a novel about a dog, told by a dog, I have to jump up and down and tell you all about it.

So head over to the “A Dog’s Purpose” website and vote for Scout and Bandit. Make sure you give them 5 stars – that’ll keep their picture on the front page. And you can vote once every 24 hours.

If we win, I get a copy of Bruce’s new book, A Dog’s Purpose. Which I would buy anyway … and Bandit would eat.

But Bruce is also donating $65 to each week’s winner’s shelter of choice, which is likely enough to spay or neuter a dog.

And don’t forget to enter your dog into the photo contest, too!

Visit Bandit’s It’s A Dog’s Life blog, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.


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