A life lesson from Capt. Phil Harris

As you know, several months ago I stumbled upon “The Deadliest Catch” – reruns of the second season on MyNetwork, because we don’t have cable – and fell in love with the show.

Since then, we’ve watched seasons 2-5 on Netflix, and I’m going back to watch season 1. And, I’m thrilled to say, I’ve found Amazon.com Video On Demand, where I can pay a pittance to get the new season’s episodes.


So I was watching the season 6 premiere, and something Capt. Phil Harris said really resonated with me. 

You may know that Phil Harris is dead. He died in February from complications from a stroke. So it’s surreal watching him head out for the 2009 king crab season, knowing that in a few episodes we’re going to see him die.

But he said something in this first episode that’s been ringing in my brain: “You can watch things happen. You can make things happen. Or you can wonder what the f*** happened. I don’t want to be the third one.”

I think for the last year or so … or so and so and so … I’ve been in that last group. No just on the sidelines but showing up after the parade is over and wondering what everyone was so excited about.

The irony is that after BlogPaws, I feel differently. Just getting out of the house helped, that’s for sure. It’s difficult to spend day after day after day with just dogs, chickens and a cat – and one tired husband.

It’s important to spend time with other people; it reminds you that you have a place in the world.

Because sometimes you can get to thinking that maybe you missed your chance to change the world, whether through fear or ignorance or just plain laziness, so God gave the job to someone else and you’re just taking up space til your days are done.

I don’t like that feeling.

So thanks, Capt. Phil, for the reminder that tomorrow is never guaranteed, and sitting on the sidelines isn’t the way you want to be remembered.

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