Pictures from BlogPaws 2010

Here are some pictures from BlogPaws 2010:


Some anipals:

Cole and his mommy take in a keynote speaker

Bocci, of Bocci’s Beefs


Best friends Zola and Dexter nap during a seminar.  Dexter’s mommy works for Fido Friendly magazine!


Max and Kenn, from


A Pawty at the A&R Music Hall


BlogPaws cofounders Caroline Golon and Yvonne Divita at the A&R Music Hall




3 responses to “Pictures from BlogPaws 2010

  1. Looks like so much fun!

    Sooo bummed I didn’t make it this year!

  2. Well, you were mentioned in one seminar as one attendee’s favorite blog, LOL. There’s always next year so as soon as they set the dates start planning!!

  3. Great pictures. This weekend went by way too fast. Dexter and Zola send special tail wags and thanks for the shout out and picture on your blog. We look forward to keeping in touch. Please be in touch and we will blog with you, too!

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