Today we get a monster egg!

Someone laid a monstrous egg today. Both Mrs. Wiggins and Mrs. Beasley were on the nest today, so I don’t which one laid it.

We’ve gotten a few double yolkers lately. I didn’t expect that. Either hens lay more double yolk eggs than I thought or we have some genetically weird chickens.

And Lucy! She’s laid four eggs in the past week! Well, I think it’s Lucy anyway. I’ve seen her in the nesting box several times, and I haven’t seen Ethel.  But two of the white eggs were there without me seeing a chicken, so anything is possible.

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2 responses to “Today we get a monster egg!

  1. When I raised chickens we got a lot of double yolkers, too. Not good if you are making a recipe that needs only egg whites.

  2. I've had at least one double yolker a week. Do you know what encourages them to lay doubles? I can pretty much tell which ones are doubles; they're MUCH bigger than the rest. So far, anyway!

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