Getting ready for BlogPaws 2010

I’m heading to Columbus, OH this weekend for the BlogPaws 2010 conference. With the economy the way it is, I normally wouldn’t be able to afford to go. In fact, I’m skipping GMA in Nashville and the Erma conference, too. Just can’t afford it.

But I won registration to BlogPaws in a random drawing, and my brother in law, who is a pilot for Southwest, gave me a buddy pass so I can fly standby at no charge.

Sweet! When those kinds of things happen, I take them as signs that I’m supposed to go, that God has something there for me.

So Friday and Saturday, I’ll try and update you on some of the things happening at BlogPaws. I know that Kodak is unveiling a new product that lets pet owners retouch that funky eye glare that happens when you take pictures of your pets. And I’m sure we’ll get to see some other pet products.

Bandit will probably not be able to blog while I’m gone, since I’ll have the laptop. But if he can sneek Daddy’s laptop he may post about what’s happening at home while I’m gone.

If we’re lucky, nothing will be going on. Although I saw Bandit at the ATM while I was at the credit union, taking out some money, so perhaps they’re planning to have a big party while I’m away?

Visit Bandit’s It’s A Dog’s Life blog, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter.


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