Scout is a star at the credit union

Scout came with me to the credit union today and he was a big hit. He and Bandit take turns going, when I feel like bringing a dog. Last time Bandit came I took a pic of him at the counter and posted it, so today I did the same with Scout. Then one of the managers wanted to know if he’s pose for a pic with the big manager, which he did, and then they thought it would be fun to get him to post at the desk.

It was all in fun, but it was a bit chaotic, with everyone talking and trying to help pose him. But I’ll say this for Scout: he’s come a loooong way, anxiety wise. The first thing that happened was the desk chair rolled and startled him, and a year ago that would have totally freaked him out.

But he just moved back quickly, gave it a sniff, and when I called him to the desk came right up. And then he posed. And posed. And posed once more. He was so good.

I call what we did today “kiss and go” therapy. Technically, we weren’t doing therapy, but this is the type of visit Scout is great at. Go in, say hello, kiss everyone, do a trick, and leave. No big commitment, not lying down for 1/2 an hour, everyone’s happy, he gets to greet everyone. Once this school year is over, I think we’ll stick to this kind of therapy session.

Anyway, you can see pics and read Scout’s account of his visit to the credit union on the It’s A Dog’s Life blog.


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