featured on Martha Stewart Show Friday, April 2

 Regular readers of this blog will know that these cranky, funky chickens in my back yard were once fluffy little day old chicks who arrived via Express Mail from My Pet Chicken. And you also know that my go-to chicken expert is Joyce Martz, whom I’ve dubbed “The Chicken Goddess,” from My Pet Chicken.

Well, on Friday, April 2, you can watch My Pet Chicken founder Traci Torres talk about backyard chicken farming and the company’s “chocolate layers” – chickens like Partridge Penedesenca and Black Copper Maranswho lay dark brown “chocolate” eggs – on the Martha Stewart Show.

Torres will also talk about baby chick starter kits, coops and more.

You can watch a preview at the Martha Stewart Show website. Check your local listings to find out when the show airs in your viewing area.

 You can learn more about raising chicks at the My Pet Chicken website.

You can follow along with my backyard chicken adventures on my Chicken Adventure blog.

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2 responses to “ featured on Martha Stewart Show Friday, April 2

  1. Joyce is back @ MPC after she fought back a terminal cancer diagnosis! Read about it here:

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