Seed, sod and growing grass

I called Batavia Turf Farms today to see how much it would cost put down sod instead of planting grass. Just for kicks.

The guy from the lawn company yesterday estimated it would cost about $260 to prepare the soil and seed the lawn, plus another cost for a soil test and fertilizer, which would add about $40. Then he wants us to aerate the lawn in the summer ($150) and sign up for the 5 step lawn care ($190 year).

Sod is 30 cents a square foot delivered, and 26 cents a square foot if we  pick it up. We’d need to rototill the yard and put down fertilizer ourselves.

The girl at Batavia estimated we’d need about 1200 sq. ft, and if we picked it up that’d be about $312. Delivery minimum is 1400 sq. ft, for a cost of $420.

About the same cost, a little more labor for us, but we’d have grass right away that we could walk on the next day and run on in a week or so.  As opposed to seed, which would require us staying off of it for 6 weeks.

The sod is the grass that they lay on athletic fields so there isn’t worry about the dogs running on it. The shade is more likely the problem. But either way we’d have to deal with that.

So there you go – another option for grass.


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