No grass at the Funny Farm

As you can see in this photo, there’s one thing we lack here at The Funny Farm: grass.

Even before Bandit came to live with us, we’ve had problems growing grass in the backyard. And now with two dogs running around back there it’s just hard, packed dirt. (That’s our neighbor’s yard and pool; I told you were were on top of each other in this village!)

So today I had a guy from a lawn company come out to give us a quote on putting in the lawn and then maintaining it to make sure we have grass. Yeesh. We’re talking $260 to get the lawn ready and put in the grass seed, and then $190 for them to come out five times a year and maintain it. It’s all organic, pet friendly products, but we still would need to keep the dogs off for 6 weeks.

We need grass. It’s impossible to sit outside in the summer; the dirt just blows around. My office is always covered in a layer of dirt because I leave the windows open for the cat.

We’ve tried to put in grass ourselves, but it just hasn’t worked. So I don’t know what to do next. I wonder if they could just lay sod and get it over with more quickly?


2 responses to “No grass at the Funny Farm

  1. We have the same problem. I was thinking about taking the sod route, but maybe I will put down astroturf instead.

  2. It’s like $300 to get the dirt ready, plant the grass, fertilize and put down compost, all organic, pet friendly. Then like $300 a year for them to come back 5x and keep it up. I don’t know if it’s worth that. $600 for grass? I’m thinking about calling Batavia Turf Farm and seeing what they’ll charge.

    Astro turf might work, LOL, but it won’t feel as good on my bare feet!


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