“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” an eye opening new show

I caught the rerun tonight of the premiere and second episode of the new show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” where British chef Jamie Oliver spends several months in Huntington, West Virginia in an attempt to revolutionize the community’s health and eating habits.

The town was named the most unhealthy town in America, which makes it the perfect place for Oliver to start his “revolution.”

The show is sad – watching the amount of unhealthy food kids eat every day – and funny – watching Oliver interact with the lunch ladies … errr, lunch cooks … and the kids, who aren’t thrilled with his food. Except when he makes chicken nuggets out of chicken skin, marrow and fat. That they’ll eat.

But what made me laugh the most was when he went to an elementary class and showed them actual fresh vegetables and asked the kids to identify them. Holds up tomato; blank stares. Same with cauliflower, beets, eggplant. When he holds up a potato, he thinks that surely the kids will know this one. But not only can’t they identify a potato, they don’t know that’s what french fries are made from.


That’s exactly why I’ve been on this sustainably farmed, locally grown food kick. It started a few years ago when I had to eliminate artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives from my diet, and I realized just how much …. crap … was in the processed convenience foods I was eating.  But after I visited a dairy farm, and saw where milk comes from, I really began to understand that most Americans – myself included – have no clue where their food comes from.

That’s when I started reading labels, and reading books, like “The Omnivore’s Dilemma,” by Michael Pollen.

So I’m getting a kick out of the show and can’t wait to see what happens while Oliver spends the next few months in Huntington.

You can learn more about the show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” on Jamie Oliver’s website.


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