Bathtub clogs and plungers

This is how my day started:

David came downstairs and said, “The bathtub is backed up, I tried the plunger, you’ll need to call the plumber, have a great day, I love you.” And then he left for work.

Fortunately, the last time the bathtub backed up, and I did have to call the plumber, he told me how to plunge it out the right way and save ourselves a bunch of money. 

Problem #1? We don’t have a decent plunger. We’ve been using one of those little kitchen plungers, which just can’t do the job.

Problme #2? I hadn’t plugged every hole in the sink and tub to create a good vacuum seal so that the plunging was effective.

So this morning I headed out to Debbie Supply for a new plunger – yes, I waited to by a new one until I needed it; wouldn’t you?  – and came home with a lovely new plunger and a bottle of drain cleaner so we can be proactive about the clogs.

Then I used a towel to plug up the sink drain and the overflow on the sink, and used duct tape to seal the overflow on the tub, and plunged away. Soon enough, the clog was gone, the water had drained, and I was queen of the world.

I called David at work to tell him I took care of the problem and he seem adequately impressed.

Cost of the plunger and bottle of drain cleaner to help avoid the problem again? $16.

Cost of the plumber? At least $75.

I wonder if I can have the difference as a handymom bonus?

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3 responses to “Bathtub clogs and plungers

  1. Haha! Good for you! If you want any other instructions on how to fix your own plumbing (lighting the water heater pilot light, etc) then look at our blog. We have instructions on there for ya 🙂

  2. that’s the web address, sorry I forgot to put it in the last post.

  3. Thanks Heather! How on earth did I miss World Plumbing Day? I would have celebrated that, LOL. Especially considering that around the world there are so many people who don’t even have indoor plumbing!

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