Chicken update: eggs, oyster shells and escape tunnels

Because I don’t want my Aunt Mary Ellen to go into chicken withdrawal, here’s the update from Camp Cluck:

One egg this morning. Aunt Bea and Mrs. Wiggins were both hanging out in the nesting boxes, but there weren’t any eggs when either of them got up. Then again, they girls seem to prefer laying in the afternoon; yesterday there was an egg in the morning and one after dark. Goofy chickens can’t tell time.

The girls are digging their little hearts out, and then cozying up in their freshly dug dirt holes. I can only assume that’s something chickens do normally because I’d hate to think they really were tunneling out. Because if they were, either hole would lead them right into a dog’s mouth.

We’ve had a few eggs with thin shells, so it’s time to add some oyster shell to their diet. The feed store was out but next week I’ll grab a bag and hopefully that’ll take care of the problem.

So let’s see: it’s $11 for a 50# bag of feed; $10 for a 50# bag of oyster shell; $5 for a small bag of grit; and $10 for a 50# bag of cracked corn. (That’ll all last maybe 4-6 weeks.)

Cost of a dozen eggs at the grocery: $1.79.

Fun with chickens? Priceless.

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