Another layer, double surprise, and the chickens get a special treat

Well, it’s official: Coco is laying eggs. I found her and Aunt Bea in the same nesting box. Which was odd, because usually when Aunt Bea is in a box everyone else it out of the coop. I thought she liked total privacy but maybe she’s lightening up?

One thing that I really hadn’t thought about – well, I did but I didn’t care until now – was how to tell when the eggs were laid so I knew what was fresh. Well, I came up with this brilliant idea: I use a crayon and write on the egg the date and who laid it. Viola. Problem solved.

Last week, Aunt Bea laid a huge egg. I used it for breakfast yesterday and surprise! It was a double yolk egg! No wonder she made such a fuss when she laid it.

I’ve mentioned a few times that I think the girls are plotting something. Well, I think they’re digging to China because the hole along the fence is getting deeper and deeper. I don’t know what the fascination is with that spot when they have an entire run full of dirt. Especially since our neighbor’s dog Abby is often right there at the fence. I guess they figure that’s the fastest way out.

The chickens are now official members of the family: they had some Schaller’s french fries this weekend. And I think they liked them. Ketchup and all.

The only other update: I got a great picture of Lucy and Ethel:

And that’s all from the Funny Farm!

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