Just another day at the Funny Farm

I woke up this morning to find an egg in the nesting box that had a paper thin shell. It was so thin it was hard to even pick up. I’m guessing someone else is starting to lay and this is their first egg.

I managed to get the egg into the house and put it into a bowl; I was going to take a picture but Bandit got to it first.

Later I went out and saw Mrs. Beasley and Coco laying in the dirt and rolling around. I thought maybe they were sick – I had just given them leftover rice noodles – but as I watched I realized that they were happily taking a dirt bath.

Either that or trying to escape. Yesterday, as I was walking out of the run, I stepped over the threshold and as I turned to close the screen door behind me Mrs Wiggins was standing on the threshold and getting ready to launch herself to freedom.

Then when I went to check on the girls at dinner time, I could hear Mrs Beasley bawking but I couldn’t find her. She wasn’t in the coop or the yard or the nesting box.

When David built the coop, he added a section of run in the back that’s the width of the coop and maybe 3 deep. There’s no way for a person to get to it without going into the coop and climbing out the back window – the ledge of which is about waist high off the ground outside. He planned to add a door in the run, but even then, to get to the door you’d need to either crawl through the berry bushes growing en masse next to the garage (which I am not cutting; I love my blackberries) or over the hedge and into the neighbor’s yard.

I don’t think we needed that little back part, but David thought the chickens would like to go under the coop and have a little more room in the back. I’m afraid the girls are going to get caught on the pieces of wire fencing sticking up under there.

Well, Mrs. Beasley somehow ended up in the coop’s backyard tonight. I have no idea how that fat chicken got under the coop, but it was clear she wasn’t sure how to get back. I suppose I could have just left her there to figure it out, but it was almost dark.

So I went through the coop, climbed through the window and dropped to the ground, grabbed Mrs Beasley and tossed her back in the coop. Then I had to haul my fat rear back up into the window and pull myself back in. It’s been a long time since I’ve raised my leg higher than my waist.

I blocked off the space under the coop as much as I could and tomorrow I’ll have to figure out how to keep the girls from getting back there. Or how David can add a door out the back of the coop so I can go through without climbing through the window.

Never a dull day at the Brokaw Funny Farm.

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