Chicken update 3/9/2010

So here’s the latest from Camp Cluck:

The Pick No More seems to have helped keep Mrs Wiggins from pecking Ethel. Although I spent quite a bit of time out with the birds today, and every time Mrs Wiggins came near Ethel she ran and hid behind the garbage cans. So I sat with her on my lap for a while and she was very calm while I pet her.

Aunt Bea is becoming quite the snuggle chickie. She’s let me hold her on my lap for a long time today, and she’s less and less bossy. Coco and Mrs. Beasley, on the other hand, had a field day pecking my boots and my jacket while I sat snuggling Aunt Bea and Ethel.

And in the afternoon, Lucy and Ethel were cooped up in the coop while everyone else was outside.

When I was ordering chicks, Joyce suggested I get two Polish chickens because, as she said, “If you’re going to be strange in this world it’s good to have a friend just like you.” I’m glad I listened to her.

I let Bandit stick his head into the coop with me while I sat and pet the chickens. I held the chicken, he sniffed. And Mrs. Beasley pecked him right on the nose.

Let’s see. We had one more egg today from Mrs. Wiggins. The girls are loving being outside. And that’s about it.

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