We’ve got another layer!

This morning, I found Mrs. Wiggins tucked into a little corner between the boxes and the wall, where I had found that one squished egg a few days ago.

At first, I thought maybe she’d gotten stuck in there, and then I realized that she might be laying an egg!

Yesterday morning, I had found one of her feathers in the red nesting box, and wondered if maybe Mrs. Wiggins had laid the egg I found there the day before. But when I saw Aunt Bea lay the egg there yesterday, I wrote it off to an errant feather floating around the coop.

Well, lo and behold, Mrs. Wiggins laid an egg in that little space. It was a little egg, about 2/3 the size of the others we’ve gotten. And it seems like she needs a little more privacy to lay. She’s been a little shy lately anyway.

I’ve read a bunch of different suggestions for nesting boxes, and I like the idea of using the cat litter pans because I can pull them out and clean them easily. The problem is that they’re not secure, and that corner isn’t really that private. David and I have thrown around ideas about making it more comfortable, but when the lady at the feed store told me the hens wouldn’t lay until they were 8 months old, I put it on the back burner.

Tomorrow David is going to rework those nesting boxes.

The Camp Cluck Egg Farm is now in operation! What are we going to do with these eggs?

Update 11 AM: Aunt Bea is on the nesting box, which means we’re getting another egg. Everyone is out in the Camp Cluck exercise yard until she’s done.

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