Egg mystery solved!

Well, we know who made today’s egg at least.
I took Scout and Bandit for a walk, and when we got home I decided to check one more time to see if there were any eggs. I’d already checked this morning, and I figured it was asking a lot for these girls to produce again, since we had no idea how many of the girls were laying.
But when I went into Camp Cluck, Aunt Bea didn’t come running to see me. And when I peeked into the coop, there she was in the nesting box!

I ran inside and got the camera – because I’m a nut – and went back and watched her for a minute. I didn’t want to disturb her but I was so excited I couldn’t help myself.

When she stood up, there was an egg! And boy, was she proud of herself. She crowed and crowed, and then went outside to tell the other girls and crowed some more.
So the mystery is solved. Maybe. Because one of the other chickens might also be laying eggs, and I just haven’t seen her in the act.

But today is Aunt Bea’s celebration day!

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