We eat a chicken egg!

Hi everybody! Bandit here!

In case you don’t know me, I live in the house with Mommy and Daddy and my older puppy brother Scout and our cat brother Murphy. I am a writing dog, and I have my own blog! So Mommy said I could tell you about the exciting thing that we did today.

We ate a chicken egg!

One of the chickens started making eggs this week. Mommy doesn’t know which chicken did it. I keep asking the chickens but they won’t tell. Those chickens are cranky.

Anyway, we saved the first egg we found. The second one was squished in the coop.

And today, when Mommy went outside, there was ANOTHER egg in the chicken house! When Mommy found it, it was still warm. So one of the chickens must have heard her coming and made it fresh just for her.

Mommy and Daddy decided we would eat this egg, but since Daddy was late for work Mommy put the egg in the refrigerator for later.

Guess what’s inside a chicken egg? Not a chicken. Breakfast is inside a chicken egg!

Do you know how I know? When Daddy came home tonight, Mommy cooked the egg and we all got to have a taste. Inside the egg was a scrambled egg!

It was very yummy. It was very yellow and it tasted like sunshine. We all liked it a lot. I hope the chickens keep making eggs.

And I hope Aunt Bea stops pecking my nose when I peek in the chicken house to say hello. That’s not very nice.


PS: If you want to read more stuff I write, you should visit my blog. I’m a good writer. Mommy only has to help me once in a while.

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