Egg #2!

I went in the coop just now to refresh some of the pine shavings and noticed another egg! This one was inside, on the coop floor, in a small gap between where the nesting boxes are up on cement blocks and the wall.

Unfortunately, when I picked up the egg is was cracked, and the insides were gooey, which leads me to believe that one might have been there a day or so and froze during the night. Those birds get goofy in those boxes; they tip them over and throw the shavings out. David was right; he needs to build something permenant.

But not the elaborate wall of boxes he has in mind. Just a simple box in the same place the boxes are now. I have to be careful when I give darling husband a project because a simple fix can turn into a huge (and costly) project. He can’t help it; he has great ideas.

Anyway I’m bummed about this egg. Until last week, I was checking for eggs every day, because everything I’d heard was that chickens will start laying at about 4 or 5 months. And we were right at 4 months.

But the woman at the feed store looked at me like I had two heads when I said that, insisting that I wouldn’t get an egg until about 8 months unless I had a “really precocious chickens”. So I stopped even looking.

So there you go! Someone is laying! This second egg looked exactly like the one I got this morning, pale brown and perfectly formed.

I wonder if whoever laid the cracked one realized I hadn’t found it and went outside to lay the second one, knowing I’d find it. Are chickens that smart?

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2 responses to “Egg #2!

  1. Actually Chickens are smarter than I thought they were. When I leave the area where we have one set of chickens (we have three breeds), I started throwing a handful of goat chow to them (it has molasses in it and they love it) as I walked out the gate. Now, every day they congregate in the corner of that pen, waiting for their treat. Very spoiled!

  2. I'm hoping to find out if I can decipher what they're trying to say. They are very vocal lately, and it can either be social or angry. I haven't figured out which! But they know where the food is, and come running when I show up, bc I think they're expecting to eat. 🙂

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