No eggs yet!

The big question on everyone’s minds lately is, “Have the chickens laid eggs yet?”

Nope. No eggs.

A chicken doesn’t start laying eggs until they’re about four months old,* and I guess hens lay less in the cold weather. So even though the hens are four months old in February, I don’t expect any eggs for at least another month.

They also need a good 12 hours of daylight or light to keep their egg laying on cycle, and I haven’t been great about keeping a light on for them. That’s probably something I should pay attention to now that spring is coming.

One thing I can say is that those girls seem very content out there. They talk to each other and me all the time. When the dogs are out playing catch, Aunt Bea, Mrs. Beasley and CoCo come out to watch, and Mrs. Wiggins, Lucy and Ethel watch from the doorway.

And every morning I give them a little pep talk: “Good morning girls! Anybody got an egg for me?”

* Note: I learned today that the chickens probably won’t start laying for another … gack! … four or five months!

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