Thank you from the Joy Cluck Club

Mrs. Beasley here! On behalf of the girls in the Joy Cluck Club we’d like to thank you, dear reader, for the generous Christmas gift!

We are considering adding satellite TV to our coop.

Coco is quite addicted to “General Hospital,” although Aunt Bea very much disapproves. She says we should focus on egg laying. But really, doesn’t a little mindless disgtraction help with any job?

Mrs. Wiggins watches Martha Stewart in the hopes of finding a use for our discarded feathers, while Lucy and Ethel enjoy reruns of “The Beverly Hillbillies.” I am anxious to watch the BBC Evening News and see how the Congress has voted on the health care bill.

Again, many thanks and Merry Christmas!!

Mrs. Beasley
Secretary, Joy Cluck Club

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