Moving Day for the chickens

Yesterday was an exciting day here at the Brokaw Funny Farm: Moving Day!

The chickens are now officially moved into their coop.

The weather forecast for the rest of the week looks cold, windy and really miserable. I’ve been concerned about the temperatures and the drastic change from the porch to the coop. The digital thermometer said the inside coop temp was only about 39, which was a vast change from the toasty 60 the hens have had on the porch.

But the truth is those birds were cramped in that crate and needed to move to bigger digs.

So we set up two heat lamps and hoped for the best. Worst case scenerio: the hens were cold and I had to bring them back on the porch.

I spread some pine shavings, made a makeshift roosting perch, hung and filled the feeder, and set up the nesting boxes (even though the hens won’t be laying eggs till spring; I figured they might like to curl up there).

Then the hens were transferred – quite against their will, I might add – to a plastic tote and carried out back. I let them out one by one into the coop and they took to it like a duck to water.

The hens that looked gigantic on the porch now looked so small in their larger space. I checked on them throughout the day and they seemed quite content. But the test was when it got dark.

Lo and behold, they were snug as bugs in a rug out there. Inside, the coop was safe from drafts, and while it isn’t a sauna it is actually fairly warm. Thermometer reads about 45 right now, which means it’s probably a little warmer in there under the lamps. The girls are scratching around, sitting on the roost, and are generally calm and quiet.

Right now, the wind is howling and pine cones are falling, and the girls have eaten and are now piled up in the corner for a nap, which is normal for them. Except CoCo. She’s completely sprawled out on the roost like a giant pile of feathers, sound asleep.

David made the most fantastic chicken coop ever. When we get a nicer day I’ll let the hens out and let them explore the run. For now, it’s too cold and wet, and they’re very happy in their new home.

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