The chickens get visitors & here are some new pictures

Bandit here!

The chickens got a lot of visitors this weekend! First Aunt Jackie, Uncle Eric and Grandma came over on Saturday to drink wine and eat pizza and chicken wings, but not wings from our chickens.

And then on Sunday Grandpa and his wife Carol came over to see the chickens. Grandpa said Carol might want chickens, but I think after she smelled ours she maybe changed her mind.

Everyone thought the chickens were funny. On Saturday, Mommy took them out and held them so Uncle Eric could take pictures. Then Lucy pooped all over Mommy and Eric said, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets pooped on!” Hahaha!

Uncle Eric is now the official photographer of the Funny Farm. Mommy called him the clucktographer.

Here are the pictures he took of the chickens. He’s a good clucktographer! …

Mrs. Beasley

Mommy & Mrs. Wiggins



Mommy & Aunt Bea

Mommy & Mrs. Beasley


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