Meeting Sarah Palin in Rochester

Over on the “It’s A Dog’s Life” blog, Bandit gave his recap of our adventure yesterday meeting Sarah Palin. But since he didn’t get to actually meet her, I thought I’d share what happened when we went back.

To recap: Earlier this week, my stepsister (and friend) Rene asked if I wanted to go with her to see Sarah Palin. At first, I thought we were going to hear her speak or something, so I said, Sure. Then I realized it was a book signing; Rene said we’d have to get there early, like maybe 7 AM.

OK, those of you who know me know that 7 AM is pretty early for me. And waiting in line to meet anyone? I don’t do that kind of thing. But I’ve been ready for some adventure in my life, so I agreed.

As the week went on, it became clear that 7 AM was going to be much too late to get a good spot in line. So got there at 3:30 AM, Bandit in tow.

You can read about that on the dog blog. Here’s what happened during round #2:

We met up with the people we were next to in line all morning, and had ourselves a rip roaring fun time. There were a handful of protesters – and frankly, they were an insult to protesters. They got there late, and their ranks were few. Maybe 10. At one point, one of them said to a news reporter, “If you want to do a story come back in a little while. We’ll have more people.”

Seriously? We’d been there since 3:30 AM – and some people since 4:30 PM the day before! – and they couldn’t muster up a dozen protesters by 6:00 PM? Let’s face it; they were just college-aged punks looking for something to do before the bars opened.

Anyway, a lot of people in line had been talking about not just their love of Sarah Palin, but the fact that she’s one of the few (read: only) people in politics at that level who represents their views. So as much as the crowd was there to support her, they were also there to send a message: there are a lot more of us like Sarah Palin than the media reports.

We only got to see her for a few seconds, but in that time she asked our names, looked us in the eyes and shook our hands. I didn’t feel like she was there to just sign books, but to say, “Hey, I get it. We’re in this together.”

Like everyone else agreed, the moment was a bit of a blur.

When my turn came, I said it was an honor to meet her, and then just as I walked away, I turned back and said, “It’s an honor to meet the future President of the United States.” She smiled and said, “Bless YOU!”

But what wasn’t a blur? The people who stood in line for hours, the shared camaraderie, the realization that no, we are not crazy and we’re not alone. We Palin supporters are educated, reasoned, patient, giving and community-oriented.

If only the media took time to get to know us. Sigh.

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