What do chickens do all night?

Scout here!

As you might already know, Cassie is staying with us for a couple of days because she has the swine flu. Bandit wants to know why she’s not oinking, and I told him to stop being stupid. He’s been annoying Cassie ever since she got here. He ate her shoes and he keeps drinking her tea and he’s making her crazy.

Anyway, Cassie and I fell asleep on the couch last night, and at about 3:00 in the morning, we heard the chickens on the porch making a lot of noise in their crate. I mean, a lot of noise!

Cassie is a little bit afraid of the chickens. So am I. So we went right upstairs and woke Mommy up and told her, “Wake up! Your chickens are trying to get out of the cage and they’re making a lot of noise and we think they’re having a fight!” Cassie told her that they were so loud they might wake the neighbors.

Mommy got up to check, and of course, when Mommy came down the chickens got quieter and acted like, “Gee Mommy, what are you up for? Nothing to see here but us chickens.”

Who knows why they were up at 3:00 in the morning? Maybe they heard a cat outside. I think they are practicing their flying so they can escape, but where do they think they can go? Florida?

Anyway, Mommy gave the chickens some food and told them to be quiet. Cassie and me went upstairs to the spare bed and slept there. It’s warmer and more comfortable anyway.

I told Cassie I will take care of her while she’s sick. And I will try to get Bandit to leave her alone. Right now he is sleeping on the couch with her, so he’s being a good boy.

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