H1N1 hits the Brokaw Funny Farm

Cassie came over yesterday after going to the dr: she has the flu, and likely the H1N1.

I had the flu a month ago, and despite a round of antibiotics afterwards for a terrible cough, I’m still hacking like a crazy woman. I haven’t been back to the dr. I figured it’ll just go away. But Cassie has been telling me I need to go make sure I don’t have something else I’m passing around.

The cough has been worse the past few days; it’s exhausting. I’m taking naps and my eyes hurt and my chest is sore from all of the coughing. Then I had a little fever yesterday afternoon. So I guess it’s time to see the dr.

The problem: Scout and I are supposed to go see Timmy at school today for our weekly reading session. When I called to make my dr. appointment I mentioned that to the nurse and she said it was definitely not a good idea to go to the school until the doctor could see me. She said H1N1 is contagious – and Cassie had been here all day. We don’t know if I have something causing the cough, and she also added that it would not be a great idea for me to pick something up while I was school and bring it home. Ooo, good thought.

Yeesh, I’d hate to be the one who brought swine flu to the elementary school.

Pam and her dog Noel will take over for us today. Poor Timmy. There wasn’t any school last week on our day so we didn’t see him. I hope he’s not too disappointed! He’ll probably be thrilled, since Noel is an experienced therapy dog and knows how to lie down while he reads! He’ll probably be disappointed when we come back!

So, can you pass the flu virus by petting a dog? Scout seemed to understand to stay away while Cassie was sick. But Bandit was all over Cassie yesterday; can he then carry the virus on his fur and pass it to the next person who pets him?

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