Chicken tragedy averted

I didn’t intend to clean the chicken cage this afternoon. I just wanted to scoop out some of the poopy pine shavings and add some fresh pine.

But as I reached in with the scoop, Aunt Bea got spooked and knocked over the water container. That spooked her even more, and she flew around the cage like a maniac, until she got her head lodged through the bars of the dog crate.

Yup. One leg was hanging on the outside of the cardboard border, the other inside, and her head completely stuck through the bars of the cage.

She was squawking and flapping, so I quickly reached around to see if I could get her out before she broke her neck. As soon as she saw me, she calmed down and let me gently grab her body and maneuver her head back into the cage.

Of course, once she got back in she freaked again, getting all the girls even more riled up than they already were.

When the feathers and dust settled, Ethel was standing in the corner of the cage facing the wall, as if it was all just too terrible to watch. The rest of the girls crowded together in a huddle in another corner, shaking in their proverbial shoes.

Tragedy was averted – this time.

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