Mrs. Beasley speaks out

Mrs. Beasley, here.

There have been some reports this week about myself and the other girls being, well, smelly. I must take a moment to respond.

Really, who would listen to a dumb dog? He eats cat poop and licks himself.

For the record, we girls here at the Brokaw Funny Farm are no more stinky than any other chickens. In fact, the Mommy Lady keeps us quite clean.

The problem yesterday, as we understand it here in the chick cage, is that the Mommy Lady ended up with a migraine last night, which means that she was likely quite sensitive to any smell yesterday – dog or chick.

So don’t listen to a smelly, stupid dog. As proof of our comfortable arrangements here, we’ve allowed the cluck cam to video us.

In the meantime, here are some photos of myself and the girls.

Regards, Mrs. Beasley


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