Chickens stink!

I had to clean out the chicken cage this morning. The birds had tipped over food and pooped everywhere and it was time to clean it up.

I took the girls out and put them into a big plastic bin and loosely covered it with cardboard to keep them in and the cat and Bandit out.

I cleaned (and this time lined the whole cage with puppy training pads, not just under the water; makes cleaning so much easier), added fresh pine shavings, filled the water bottle, added fresh food.

Then I went to put the girls back in the cage.

When I took the cardboard off the bin – wooof! I was hit with a wall of stink unlike anything I’ve ever smelled.

I mean, they stunk. (My friend Shannon is laughing himself silly right now; I know, you warned me!)

I’ve picked up dog poop. For two months I cleaned dog diarrhea inside and outside the house. I regularly scoop poop from the litter box. I’ve changed diapers and picked up barf and dead birds. When everyone told me chickens were smelly, I thought, “How bad could it be?”

Well, let me tell you, it can be bad! I almost barfed.

Fortunately, the cage doesn’t smell that bad. It’s ventilated, first of all, and the pine shavings help absorb the poop and stink.

But good grief. Chickens in a small space even for a 10 minutes can really stink up the place. Imagine what it must smell like to work on a commercial chicken farm. Gross.

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