Do you know how much work it took to bring dinner to your plate?

More and more I’ve become aware that the food I eat doesn’t just magically appear on the shelves of my grocery store. Food is grown and harvested and processed and delivered, and it’s done by people who occasionally risk their lives to do it.

WGN has been running repeats of season 1 of Discovery’s The Deadliest Catch. In the two episodes I’ve watched, six men have died while the ships were out fishing for crab.

It’s basically the real life story of The Perfect Storm. It’s cold, wet, and dirty. It’s hard work, and it’s not only dangerous, it’s deadly.

I wonder how often we think of the fishermen out to sea for weeks in freezing temperatures and battling deadly weather when we crack open those crab legs. I think if we all understood the process involved in bringing food to our tables, we’d have a much better appreciation for the people who do the dirty work so we can eat.

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