Chickens really are messy birds

Everyone told me that chickens are messy, and I expected feathers and shavings but I didn’t realize these stupid birds would be emptying their water bottle daily.

Several times this week I’ve had to replace some of the shavings under the water bottle and several times a day I need to scoop shavings out of the water bottle rim. I thought they were drinking the whole quart of water and splashing some of it around the cage.

But last night, I noticed for the second time that day that the bottle was completely empty and that’s when I realized that the water was emptyuing into the cage. The entire bottom cardboard was soaked. I had to take the chicks out, empty the shavings and replace all of the cardboard.

To avoid the problem again, I lined that part of the cage with puppy training pads to soak up any spillage, and then lifted the waterer off the bottom of the cage onto to small pieces of 2x4s. So far today, the bottle hasn’t emptied and the shavings are dry.

Some things I’d recommend having next to your brooder: a trash pail with a liner; a bucket with a colander or strainer on top to empty the bottle; hand sanitizer; paper towels; and an apron to wear to cover your clothes from dust, dirt and chicken poop.

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