Chick pics and update November 1 2009

The chicks are now in what I call the “ratty” stage – they’re losing their downy chick fluff and their hen feathers are coming in, and in the process they look like they’ve been put through the wringer.

They’re also starting to fly, which is hilarious. I moved their perch up several inches; at first, none of them knew what to do. They fluttered over it and crawled under it, and then CoCo hopped up onto it and teetered across it several times like a she was trying to walk a tightrope. Eventually, she got the hang of it and settled in to roost, until she fell off. Over the next couple of days, the rest of the girls gave it a shot. Mrs. Beasley and Mrs. Wiggins got it; Aunt Bea, Lucy and Ethel are still having trouble balancing.

It’s fun to see the chick personalities starting to emerge. Mrs. Beasley is the leader, the first to try new food and eat from my hand. Whatever she does, the others follow. CoCo clearly is a daredevil. No matter how many times she kept falling off the perch she kept getting back on until she’s mastered it. Mrs. Wiggins is maybe the friendliest; she and Mrs. Beasley both let me pick them up and Mrs. Wiggins lets Bandit give her a daily sniff and kiss.

For the most part, though, when I come to the cage they all act like I’m Godzilla stomping through the streets of Tokyo. Now that they can flap and flutter around, it’s even funnier.


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