Treats for chickens

The chicks are eating a healthy balanced diet of Manna Pro medicated chick crumbles, but like most pet owners I wanted to see if they’d like a little “treat.”

I first tried some lettuce (dark green leaf) and some chopped and cooked carrots. They were cautious, as usual, and Mrs. Beasley was the first to give the new food a peck. They threw the lettuce around the cage and I think they ate some of the carrot pieces.

The next day I tried some apple pieces. It’s hilarious to watch the chicks trying a new food; it’s much like a baby tasting something new for the first time. They tentatively pecked the apple, and then pulled back to consider what they’d just tasted. Then they ate some more.

I’m waiting for another week or so to give them what Joyce said will be their favorite treat: mealworms.

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