Chick tragedy averted (I hope)

The chicks look like they’re too warm in the brooder; they’re all bunched on the side away from the heat lamp. So I grabbed two pieces of 2×4 used them to lift the light a bit higher to see if that would moderate the temp a bit.

A little while ago, I went to check on the chicks and also to check the two chicks that had poop stuck on their butts to make sure their vents were still clear, and one of the 2×4 pieces fell into the tank! Onto a chick! AHHHHH!!!

It happened so fast, and I grabbed the piece out really quickly, that I don’t know which chick it was. But it was one of the yellow ones.

Obviously the chicks freaked out and the one that got pinned fluttered into the group. I took the yellow ones out to check them, and they seemed OK. Hopefully the piece of wood caught on the water dish or feeder and didn’t actually pin the chick completely.

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