Calling telemarketers "Honey"

I’m sick. If you’re reading the Chicken Adventure blog you know that already.

This afternoon, I went back to bed to get some rest, and just as I had fallen asleep the phone rang. In my flu and sleep fog I heard, “Is this Joanne Brokaw? This is Dave Hollister from tne New York State police …” or park police … or something like that.

My brain was in automatic mode; thinking it was a call to try and get me to donate money, I croaked, “Honey, I’m sick.” And hung up.

When I woke up three hours, I sort of remembered the call, and realized that maybe it wasn’t a call for money. They asked for me; usually they ask for David. David thought maybe it was about my pistol permit application- oh crap! – but he would have asked for Elizabeth.

Oh crap, maybe someone is hurt! Maybe there was an emergency and someone needed me! Maybe he’s the publisher of a statewide magazine for police and he wants me to write an article! And I called him “Honey” and hung up on him!

Or maybe he’s just asking for money.

So Dave Hollister, if you’re calling about my pistol permit, or you need me to write an article, or had some very important, legitimate reason for calling, please forgive me for calling you “Honey” and hanging up on you.

If you were calling to ask for money, then I just apologize for calling you “Honey.”

Postscript: The name “Dave Hollister” sounds familiar, and so I got to thinking that maybe he was a friend of Cassie’s and something had happened to her!! She did call me this morning with some problem about … I think it was her dog eating potpourri … or something. Oh no! What if she’s in trouble? I seem to remember telling her the same thing when she called – “I’m sick” – and hanging up on her, too. (It was 7:30 AM and I am sick, so I probably didn’t call her “Honey.” What can I say?) I called her. She’s fine, taking a nap actually at my mom’s. Phew.

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