Less than 24 hours!

I have the flu. At least, I think I do. I called the doctor but they don’t need to see me. The nurse just told me to rest, drink plenty of fluids and take cough medicine and Tylenol.

That’s just nifty, but I felt like crawling into a hole and dying this morning. After some Tylenol and a hot shower, I felt well enough to go to the grocery store to get a bottle of Coke, because I really, really wanted a Coke.

I tell you this because after I went to Wegmans, I headed to Country Max to get a new heat bulb. I have a 250 watt white bulb, and apparently the red bulb is better because it helps the chicks sleep and doesn’t encourage them to peck each other (why a white bulb would do that, I don’t know, unless it’s the stress of having a blazing light shining on you like you’re being interrogated by the KGB).

That’s when it happened: on my way to Country Max, my exhaust pipe fell off my car. Well, fell half off. It was dragging on the ground and making a horrible noise.

I turned around and came home, and here’s my dilemma: I can’t drive the car with the tailpipe dragging like that. I can’t take the car in today because a) I’m sick and b) I need the car tomorrow to go to the post office and get the chicks. But I can’t drive the car.

Hopefully David can tie up the exhaust pipe so it lasts long enough to get the chicks tomorrow. And hopefully they’ll be fine with the white heat light that’s in the brooder, at least for one day.

Until then, I’m going to crawl on the couch and cough myself to sleep.

Update: duh, I forgot that I have AAA. They came and tied up the exhaust pipe, and while it still sounds like a dragster I can get around for a day or so until I feel better and I have the little chicks!

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