Four days and counting

The chicks are scheduled to arrive in four days or so (eeeeekkkk!!!!), and while I have a brooder set up I’m still at a loss about what to do for a coop.

I went this morning to Macedon to look at a coop that turned out to be a (really nice) rabbit hutch. Hmm, I wonder if i can have rabbits in ER ….

Back to the coop.

One option is to borrow the calf hut from Mr. Irwin, something I still think would be a dandy idea for winter. It would require almost zero effort on David’s behalf, save his back, and let him focus on hunting.

I also found a nifty child’s playhouse on Craig’s list that might work – how fun would that be? – but David is concerned about hauling it home, finding people to lift it, etc. It’s only $80; I could probably grab it for less and find friends to move it.

But David’s still convinced that, despite his back problems and bow season starting Saturday, he’s going to build me a coop.

So instead, we went to the construction site where his brother is working to raid the dumpster for scrap lumber (completely with permission, of course). I grabbed some wood pallets, which to me seemed like basically framed walls; pull the planks from one side, nail them to the other over the open slats, and viola! Walls.

He thinks I’m nuts – no surprise – but we did bring them home, and it turns out that they’ll make a lovely floor. We have some scrap plywood we can cover it, and yippees The chicken coop has a floor!

Tomorrow, he’s going back with a friend to grab sheets of press board and plywood.

I’m trying to save him the trouble of building a coop. With his back bothering him, I’d rather he spend any days he’s feeling well in his tree stand, not nailing wood together for my six chickens. But he also wants to do this, so I don’t want to take that away from him. He’s been feeling so crummy that I think he just wants to do something. (Didn’t I marry a great guy? He has so much patience with me; I really don’t deserve him.)

Besides, we’re in no hurry. The chicks will stay in a cage or brooder for a month at least. By then, we’ll have figured something out.

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