Adventures in farm markets

I headed out this morning to Vercruysse Farm Market to get some produce. Well, at least see what kind of produce they had.

I love going to their booth at the Public Market, and figured it would be good to go right to the farm market since I can’t always make it downtown on Saturday mornings (and hate dealing with the traffic).

I looked on Yahoo maps for the address, which I didn’t write down, and headed out. It didn’t seem too difficult: right up 441 to Monroe Wayne County TL Rd, turn left, and if I got to Atlantic I went too far. Piece of cake.

Over an hour later, I was still looking for it. Problem is, you can’t turn left on to the Monroe Wayne County TL Rd. I knew that I didn’t want to turn right, so I turned around and went back on 441 to see if I missed a turn. Nothing.

So I called 411 to get the phone number, which rang to a machine. No answer.

So I turned right on to Monroe Wayne County TL Rd and hoped for the best. I was tired of driving around.

No luck. I knew I was headed back home, but I hit construction and had to use backroads to get back to ER.

In the end, I just went to the Pittsford Dairy and got milk and eggs (and pizza crusts; they looked fresh), then to Wegs for a few things and came home.

Looking at the map again, I realize now that I was just minutes away from the farm market. Even though the map keeps saying you can turn left onto Monroe Wayne County TL Rd, I couldn’t find it for the life of me. But I could have gotten there by just taking another street.

Just goes to show: you need to print out the map, not just try and memorize it.


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