Practice makes perfect, or at least doesn't fry the chicks

The chicks don’t arrive for another 11 days, but as I wrote earlier in the week I’ve been experimenting with the temperature in the brooder. Yesterday I got a digital thermometer and realized that I’m not going to get the brooder to the right temp with the 125 watt infrared light I have.

So I went over to Country Max and got a 250 watt bulb, and hopefully that’ll help keep the brooder warmer. The temp right now is 101, and by leaving a bigger opening on top it dropped right down to about 98. So I’m getting closer!

It’s a good thing I’m practicing with this; when I went to unscrew the 125 watt bulb, the entire stem broke. I had to return both the bulb and the heat lamp to Country Max. In the 1/2 hour it took for me to run back over there and come home, the temp dropped from about 80 to 50. If I had chicks in there, they’d be pretty cold!

So a piece of advice: practice setting up the brooder and working to keep the temp steady – before the chicks arrive!

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