Deciding where to put the chicken brooder

I’ve been considering where I ought to put the chicken brooder when the little chicks arrive in a couple of weeks.

My original plan was to put them in the garage. But that would mean I’d have to hike out there to care for them and I wouldn’t be able to hear if something was wrong. We have chipmunks living in the garage and who knows what else, so I was a little worried about the little fluff balls being out there in the wild alone.

Then I got the bright idea to put them in the dining room. My vet had his brooder in the house, why can’t I?

Except my book says not to have them in the house because of the dust and bacteria. And there’s always the cat and dogs.

Then David came up with a brilliant idea: the porch! It’s enclosed, it’s not freezing, I can get to it easily, and it’s free from critters. I hope.

So there we go: the brooder will go on the porch. I have the heat lamp, bedding, thermostat, feeder and feed, and the waterer is on the way. I even have a new apron to carry some chicks around so they can get used to me, per Joyce’s suggestion. I’d planned to use an old puppy crate for the brooder, surrounded by cardboard to keep out the draft.

All I need now are chicks!

It’s a little like planning for a baby, isn’t it?

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