The Great Chicken Project: The chicks are ordered!

Yesterday was a big day: the chicks were ordered! I’d planned on ordering three chicks, but Joyce at agreed that four would be better. That if something happened to one of three the last two wouldn’t be left with just each other. Apparently chickens get bored in just a pair.

Joyce was a huge help and told me story after story about her chickens. Her story about her hen Lenore convinced me to get a Sussex. In all, yesterday I ordered the Sussex, an Orpington, a Wyandotte, and a Rhode Island Red.

Joyce and I had discussed the Polish chicken instead of the Rhode Island, but there is some concern that because the Polish chicken is timid it can get picked on in the flock. She said that since the chicks would all be raised together the chances the Polish hen would be picked on was much smaller; she wouldn’t suggest adding a Polish hen to these adults.

The last thing I want is to go out some morning and find a Polish hen pecked to death in my backyard. So I opted for the RIR instead.

I think Joyce was disappointed. The Polish hen is, as she described, wacky. A great pet, very gentle and friendly.

I thought all night about the Polish chicken. The girl at Country Max had told me about her Polish chickens (she called them the dumbest chickens she’d ever had but also the most fun), and Joyce was clearly a big fan. So today, despite the $10 charge for changing my order, I called this morning and added a Polish chick.

Well, two.

I explained to Joyce that I thought about what she said, and that if I wanted a Polish chicken I needed to order it now rather than try to introduce it in the spring.

“Now’s the best time to do that, right?” I asked.

“Well, yesterday would have been the best time,” she replied. “But I’m glad you’re getting one.”

As Joyce was verifying my order she added, “Are you sure you don’t want two?”

“Sure. They’d probably be happier in a pair, right?” At this point, I would have done pretty much whatever Joyce suggested, since she is the undisputed chicken goddess. “That way if I did have to separate them, they wouldn’t be alone. Right?”

“Oh, yes,” she agreed. “I’m glad that you got two. If you’re going to be strange in this world you should have a buddy just like you.”

Words of wisdom from Joyce the chicken lady. And you wonder why I take her advice?

My chicks are scheduled to arrive sometime around October 14th. So I have a few weeks to tell David that instead of three chickens we’re going to have six. I guess six chickens are just as easy to care for as three. Right?


One response to “The Great Chicken Project: The chicks are ordered!

  1. Hi. My name is Shelby, and I am Joyce's grand daughter. Your post about chickens and my grandma made me smile. My grandmother is wonderful. and I love that you can see that in her just over the phone! Good luck with the chickens!-Shelby

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