Poor Baby Bird

OK, I’m totally grossed out right now. I was in the back yard and Scout and Bandit were chasing squirrels up the tree. As the rodents got higher and higher, more and more stuff fell from the branches above – nuts, leaves, bark, sticks. And then a baby bird.

A BABY BIRD! Plop, thud, right at my feet.


I thought it was dead, so I got the pooper scooper to pick it up, and then it moved. EEEEWWWW! The poor thing is still alive!! I have no idea what to do with it but I’m totally freaked out. I called my neighbor Flow, who used to work at a vet’s office, to see if she could tell me what to do, but she wasn’t home. David’s on his way home, though.

Postscript: The bird was still alive the next morning, and after calling my vet for a referral to someone who could care for it, I took it to Eastridge Animal Hospital, one of the few that take wildlife. They’re caring for it and will let it loose when it’s healthy.


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