Introducing Bandit

The puppy came home on Wednesday afternoon, and ever since it’s been nothing but peeing, refilling, and peeing some more, with a little puppy biting thrown in for good measure. Fortunately, Bandit – that was a pretty obvious name, don’t you think? – is really getting the hang of going potty outside. If I can get the hang of recognizing when a sniff means “I have to go out” we’ll be in business.

Anyway, Bandit is a blue merle border collie. He’s about 15 weeks old, and we got him from Gentle Shepherd Farms in Franklinville. Love the owner, Kim. She was a huge help in making sure we got a puppy whose personality meshes with Scout.

Or will mesh with Scout. Right now, his nose is a little bent out of shape, but I think after a couple of weeks the two will get along great. Murphy has been MIA most of the past few days, which isn’t completely unusual. He tends to be stuck to me like glue, but he often sleeps upstairs all day. Once he gets use to Bandit – and Bandit gets taht every time he goes near the cat he’s going to be scratched – they’ll be fine.

I’ve been able to get a few pics of Bandit – he doesn’t stay still long enough to really take many. When I open the crate in the morning he shoots out like a bullet from a gun. But here are a few.

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