Treeless, kinda

I was without power yesterday while Genesee Tree Service came and took down a big, old silver maple tree from our front year. According to neighbors who have lived here for years, the tree was planted in 1945 when the son who lived here went to war. That makes me even sadder that it came down.

But in the end, it was clear that the tree was rotten in the middle, and it was just a matter of time before it would have come down on its own – on the house and the neighbors’ houses and cars.

Our yard feels naked now. I used to be able to move around and feel some semblance of privacy, but now when I walk outside, I’m there for the neighborhood to see. Not that it really did shield me, looking at the pictures. But it did feel that way.

The tree really was massive – they estimated 70′ to 80′. The circumference was 192″, diameter 61″. You can see how big the stump really is, with David and Scout posing on it.

Here’s a video of how they take down those big branches. They anchor the branches with a pulley to other big branches so that when they cut it it hangs, and then they lower it to the ground. It’s like a carefully orchestrated, tree trimming acrobat show.


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